Drink & Dine Within One Mile

It is rather weird eating bad in Rome…but it should happen.
The following is a very logical (and experienced) selection of places in which excellent foods and drinks are served in a crisply professional manner.
Obviously, we at the Moses Fountain are available for any suggestions for a widen range exploration.

Restaurant Style Phone Address Closing Days  
Al Presidente www.alpresidente.it Italian 066797342 Via in Arcione 95 Mondays MAP
Chinappi www.chinappi.it Seafood 064819005 Via di San Basilio 70 Open 7/7 MAP
Doozo www.doozo.it Japanese 064815655 Via Palermo 51 Sundays MAP
Girarrosto fiorentino  www.girarrostofiorentino.it Italian 0642880660 Via Sicilia 46 Open 7/7 MAP
Hard Rock Café Texmex 064203051 Via Veneto 62 Open 7/7 MAP
Il Corsaro Seafood 064817915 Via del Boccaccio 6 Sundays MAP
Il Cuore di Napoli Pizza 0644340252 Via Cernia 31 Open 7/7 MAP
Le Bistrot d’Hubert French 0642013161 Via Sardegna 135 Sundays MAP
Maharajah www.maharajah.it Indian 064747144 Via dei Serpenti 124 Open 7/7 MAP
Mr. Chow Chinese 06486818 Via Barberini 94 Wednesday MAP
Open Colonna www.opencolonna.it Contemporary 0647822641 Via Milano 9a Open 7/7 MAP
Ottoemezzo www.ottoemezzoroma.it Contemporary 0645554413 Via Boncompagni 83 Sundays MAP
Sardegna Seafood 0642016296 Via Sardegna 34 Sundays MAP
Taverna Flavia Italian 064745214 Via Flavia 9 Sundays MAP
Tullio Italian 064745560 Via San Nicola da Tolentino 26 Sundays MAP

Wine taste and sale
Wine in Italy is a religion with its rituals, officiants and believers.
Here is a list of nearby shrines.
Place Phone Address Closing Days  
Marchetti 064741745 Via Flavia 28 Sat/Sun MAP
Peluso 0642818995 Via Sardegna 36a Sat/Sun MAP
Trimani www.trimani.com 064469630 Via Cernia 37b Sundays MAP

Best Espresso, Cappuccino and Pastries
Someday, someone told me about a man (rather rich, let say) who, as he desired one espresso or cappuccino, gave up in Wall Street and flew to Rome. Try and believe why!
Place Phone Address Closing Days  
Cine Caffè Casina delle Rose 0642016224 Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1 Open 7/7 MAP
Dagnino www.pasticceriadagnino.com 064818660 Via V.E. Orlando 75 Galleria Esedra Open 7/7 MAP
Doney 0647082805 Via Veneto 141 Open 7/7 MAP
Moma 0642011798 Via di San Basilio 42 Sundays MAP
Palombi 064885817 Via Veneto 114 Sundays MAP

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