The devil dresses Prada but adores Valentino, Armani, Gucci, Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana …the windows of the prestigious Made in Italy adorn the elegant streets of  central Rome.

The big names of Italian fashion are all concentrated between Piazza di Spagna, Via dei Condotti and Via del Babuino and give this very special part of the city a distinctly elegant and luxurious feeling.

Strolling or simply crossing a sidewalk of Via Bocca di Leone or Via delle Carrozze, admiring particular cuts of splendid fabrics in Via Borgognona, at times marvelling at the eccentricity and how ahead of the times Via Frattina can be or simply be amazed by the elegance in Via Vittoria or Via Belsiana.

In essence, lose yourself , dress yourself in a magical world of magnificent shoes, clothes and jewels all of superb beauty, brilliance and elegance.

…But the devil is also to be found in the streets of Rione Monti  which is today a much sought after area of Rome for the elegance of its beautifully dressed shop windows and interesting mix of exclusive boutiques offering unique creations. As you walk through the streets, you will be reminded that the Rione Monti was the Suburra of times past when political intrigue and prohibited contacts where all staged there.

Walk though Via dei Serpenti and on the Via Panisperna to reach the charming Piazza degli Zingari. You will retracting ancient history . Here you will find the taste of refinement, uniqueness and avant-garde.

In these same streets two thousands year ago was born the most powerful of the Roman universe, Julius Caesar. You can imagine his house of an astonishing six floors and built entirely of wood, destroyed over time . You can picture at the centre of this ancient suburb, artisans, elegant shops, charlatans, artists and gangs at the service of the rich and powerful people.

Here, once strolled Cicero, Anthony and Octavius. This area was also the birthplace of style, design, experimentation with rare textiles, colours, form and architectural innovation.

If you stop to look around and take all this in you, realise that “the devil is walking beside you”.

But beware, temptations are many, too many.

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